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Category: Rotating lasers

SPIN 235

The most high-tech laser instrument in our offer. Designed for the most demanding clients. Electronic compensator with an accuracy of ±0,75mm/10m, the possibility of determining slopes up to 10% in a single axis, or to 18% in both axes. NI-MH battery without memory effect. Built-in laser plummet, tilt function, back-lighted LCD screen which displays all the necessary information. Radio remote control with LCD display allows to control up to 7 SPIN 235 devices. Ideal both for external works (such as leveling land slopes up in parking lots, staking) and finishing (flooring and underlayment, inserting windows and frames, determination of angles).

  • Earthworks: site grading, excavation, embankments, backfill.
  • Surfaces: stadiums, storage yards, parking lots and roads.
  • Utilities: Sanitary and rain water collectors, water, etc.
  • Floors: pouring and scuffing, level control.
  • Distribution of rooms: suspended ceilings, raised floors, walls, cavity.
  • Doors and windows: installation of windows, setting frames.
  • Landscape and garden fences, gazebos, ponds, lawns, paving, sheds, alleys.
  • Construction of halls: columns, beams, facades.
  • Cubic: foundations, floors, ceilings, walls, prefabricated, reinforced concrete.
  • Electrical: grooves, moldings, lighting attachment points, holes, cabinets.
  • Glaze: floor tiles, wall.
  • Installations: tubes, pipes, heaters, air conditioners, cans, holes.
  • Buildings, kitchens, shops: cabinets, counters, shelves, floors.
  • The stands: structures, walls and equipment.
  • Supervision: control.
  • Biaxial slopes digitally set
  • Digital plumb and level
  • Continuous surveillance and automatic correction of the position of the axis at the value set on the screen
  • TILT function
  • Still displayed at 90o and the vertical line
  • Equipped with LCD display remote control shows all the information about laser working mode and has possibility to cooperate with up to seven laser devices simultaneously.
  • Back-lighted screen
  • Four scanning angles
  • Rechargeable battery and battery
  • Adjustable speed of rotation of the head
  • Built-in laser plummet
  • The possibility of determining slopes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    The kit includes: SPIN 235 laser device, remote control, receiver, charger, extra battery tray, glasses, target plate, wall bracket.
Accuracy ±0,75mm/10m
Working range 500m with receiver
Rotation speed 0, 60, 120, 300, 600 rpm
Scanning angle 0o, 10o, 45o, 90o, 180o
Slopes 10% in each axis, not more than 18% in both axis simultaneously
Compensator working range 5o
Laser light 635nm red
Tripod socket: 5/8"
Bottom laser dot accuracy ±1mm/1.5m
Remote control working range approx 150m
Temperature range -20oC-- +50oC
Power supply Charger 4.8-6V (4 accu NI-MH type C)
Working time approx. 20h
Water/dust proof IP 54
Dimensions 160×160×190mm
Weight 2.1kg