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SPIN 220G is a high performance rotating laser. A very versatile instrument, equipped with a laser plummet, and rotating head. Thanks to the electronic compensator, its accuracy is ±1mm/10m. The possibility of determining slopes and wall bracket further enhance the functionality of the laser. It is suitable for outdoor (land leveling, land slopes up) and inside (floors, inserting frames and windows, making suspended ceilings). Green laser diode makes laser beam more visible.

  • Earthworks: site grading, excavation, embankments, backfill.
  • Surfaces: stadiums, storage yards, parking lots and roads.
  • Utilities: Sanitary and rain water collectors, water, etc.
  • Floors: pouring and scuffing, level control.
  • Distribution of rooms: suspended ceilings, raised floors, walls, cavity.
  • Doors and windows: installation of windows, setting frames.
  • Landscape and garden fences, gazebos, ponds, lawns, paving, sheds, alleys.
  • Construction of halls: columns, beams, facades.
  • Cubic: foundations, floors, ceilings, walls, prefabricated, reinforced concrete.
  • Electrical: grooves, moldings, lighting attachment points, holes, cabinets.
  • Glaze: floor tiles, wall.
  • Installations: tubes, pipes, heaters, air conditioners, cans, holes.
  • Buildings, kitchens, shops: cabinets, counters, shelves, floors.
  • The stands: structures, walls and equipment.
  • Supervision: control.
  • Biaxial slopes digitally set
  • Digital plumb and level
  • TILT function
  • Still displayed at 90 o and the vertical line
  • Four scanning angles
  • Rechargeable battery and battery
  • Adjustable speed of rotation of the head
  • Built-in laser plummet
  • The possibility of determining slopes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    The kit includes: SPIN 220, remote control, receiver, charger,  glasses, target plate, wall bracket.
Accuracy ±1mm/10m
Working range 500m with receiver
Rotation speed 0, 60, 120, 300, 600 rpm
Scanning angle 0o, 10o, 45o, 90o, 180o
Slopes ± 9% in each axis, not more than 12% in both axis simultaneously
Compensator working range 5o
Laser light 535nm green
Tripod socket: 5/8"
Bottom laser dot accuracy ±1mm/1.5m
Remote control working range approx 20m
Temperature range 0oC - +50oC
Power supply Li-Ion 7.4V 4000mAh Accu
Working time approx. 30h
Water/dust proof IP 54
Dimensions 160×160×190mm
Weight 2.0kg