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Cross lasers


Universal, efficient and easy to use pocket laser. It has one tripod socket 1/4",  bracket which allows to mount it on the edge of doors or furniture element.  Can indicate slopes with accordig tripod, for instance Lamigo STL170. Ideal for indoor use: mounting mirrors, hanging ceilings, furniture etc.

  • The stands: structures, walls and equipment.
  • Renovations: cabinets, bookcases.
  • Interior: paintings, curtains, lamps, shelves, curtain rails.
  • Laying of floors: parquet and laminate, carpet.
  • Electrical: grooves, moldings, lighting attachment points, holes, cabinets.
  • Glaze: floor tiles, walls, shelves and details of the tiles.
  • Installations: tubes, pipes, radiators.
  • Joinery: shelves, cutting lines.
  • Distribution of rooms: suspended ceilings, raised floors, walls, niches.
  • Buildings kitchen shops: cabinets, counters, shelves, floors.
  • Wallpapering: wallpaper.
  • Supervision: control.
  • Horizontal and vertical laser line
  • Transport compensator lock
  • Possibility of working with the receiver
  • The possibility of determining slopes
  • Tripod socket:  1/4"

The set includes: line laser CROSS X1, bracket, soft-bag.

Accuracy ±3mm / 10m
Compensator working range ±4°
Working range 20m inside building, up to 60m with detector
Laser beam 635nm red
Tripod socket: 1/4"
Temperature working range -20°C ~ +50°C
Power source 2 alkaline batteries AA
Working time up to 16 hours
Dust/water resistance IP 54
Dimensions 65mm x 75mm x 75mm
Weight 0,3kg